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Graite Countertops Frasr MI

Granite Countertops Fraser MI Produced in a Dust Free Facility

Surface Encounters technology allows them to cut and shape natural stone surfaces without creating a dusty environment for employees

Granite Countertops Fraser MI:  Surface Encounters specializes in fabricating and installing custom designed granite countertops. Their state of the art warehouse is located on 23 Mile Road, just east of Hayes. Surface Encounters has the capability to cut and shape granite countertops to exact specifications while remaining environmentally green and keeping the facility clean and dust free.

With the ability to cut quantities at a fast pace Surface Encounters is able to supply custom granite countertops to its Wixom, Macomb and Indiana locations.

“Being entrepreneurs in Michigan for the past 25 years we certainly know the status of the economy,” said owner Chuck Russo. “Bringing business back to Michigan, we employ about 50 people between all locations, with a majority of them coming form Michigan.”

Surface Encounters produces the finest granite countertops with automated cutting techniques and streamlined communication. “We want to make sure we’re utilizing the most state of the art technology,” said Russo. “And at the same time producing the best quality product at the best price to our customers, while also having the best environment for our people to work in.”

Drawing on his experience in the Robotics Production Technology business, Russo opened Surface Encounters Granite Countertop Company. He streamlined the operation with pure innovation.

“It’s pretty unique,” said Russo. “I’m not aware of anybody doing this the way we’re doing it. We call it artistic vein matching.” The design program matches the lines or veins of the granite to other cut pieces for a perfect match.

Russo is also proud of the laser measuring system, used in the client’s home, to take into account all the measurements and variations that might affect the placement of the granite countertops. After placing an order, the designers upload the specifications directly to the warehouse.

The innovative water jet and abrasive water cutting system used by Surface Encounters reduces cutting time and pollutants. “Walk into 90 percent of other warehouses and you’ll see a bunch of dust,” said Russo.

Surface Encounters granite countertops fabrication warehouse is virtually dust free and they recycle all the water they use. With the ability to cut and shape granite at such a fast rate, they are able to supply all their other locations wile keeping more jobs in the state.

Surface Encounters showroom is open 7 days a week so consumers can come in any time for a tour and demonstration of the high-tech manufacturing equipment. A trained associate is available to assist in kitchen and bathroom remodeling plans including bars and fireplace surrounds.


Surface Encounters
Chuck Russo
16280 23 Mile Road
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